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Central Israel
Min - 4-6 months
Computer Software
IniTech is an innovative software company that develops digital products for startups and online businesses. We are experts at understanding the client’s vision and needs, be it in app/web development and/or UX/UI design. We know how to listen, analyze and build appealingly clean and highly functional products. Our systematic and professional approach allows us to create a wide range of digital products. We excel both in building brand-new systems and taking care of the code developed by others. Our services cover the full product life-cycle (functional analysis, UX, design, architecture, development, manual and automated testing, DevOps, and maintenance).. We have several subsidiaries : 1. TimelinesAI(www.timelines.ai) - Whatsapp solutions for teams. 2. Olim.Tech(www.olim.tech) - education and employment programs for Olim software developers.

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Initech Software Services Ltd
Initech Software Services Ltd

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