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Central Israel
Min - 4-6 months
Exsportia is set to become the first ever sport and social marketplace system that offers a three-sixty solution to digital booking and management. Exsportia includes real-time calendar visibility, payment options, class offerings and client management. The platform connects all aspects of the sporting market; offering venues, teachers and trainers the perfect software solution to grow their businesses through process automation, increasing their revenue. Exsportia will launch in the UK and Israel and roll out globally as an all-encompassing marketplace for sports.In time Exsportia will offer players the chance to search for opponents, join leagues, manage tournaments, book and pay for venues to suit all their sporting needs. Whether a group of friends spontaneously discovering a new activity or an individual player looking for someone of their level to compete against, Exsportia is designed and engineered to truly benefit humankind. With ease, simplicity, convenience and quality customer service, Exsportia aims to continue to grow and connect the sporting, health and wellbeing world

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