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ALTO Real Estate Funds provides investors with a stabilizing component in their investment portfolio: Real investments with a low risk profile combined with a value added approach, an attractive annual yield target and long-term current yield. ALTO Main Facts: 4 years of operation 14 properties were purchased $285 Million Properties Value 1.8 Million SF under management ALTO Real Estate Funds provide a solution for investors seeking to invest in the same way as the large international institutional investors. The investors in the funds are exposed to income-producing investments which serve as an essential component in their total investment portfolio, while also enjoying geographic and currency diversification and taking advantage of the opportunities now available in the United States. We are proud to celebrate 5 years of operation as of January, 2015. In the past five years ALTO has reached the following milestones: • $400 millions of total property value acquired • 21 transactions • 3.5 million SF of commercial space under management • 10 exits yielding a 33% NET IRR to our investors • Opened our NYC headquarters with our new CIO ALTO FUND I: The fund was launched two years ago and has raised a total of $28 million and is fully deployed in 7 income-producing properties with further value to be realized. To date, we have made our first exit in which 214% of the initial equity investment was returned to our investors. This January, we expected to realize our second exit with which we anticipate to have a 184% yield on investment. After these two exits, the fund will have returned 66% of the investment for the investors, and the balance of the fund's equity value would be approximately $25 million (very close to the original value), with a multiplier of 1.54x. ALTO FUND II: ALTO Fund II is a US domiciled fund which has, to date, raised more than $50 million from private and institutional investors. As of 12/31/2014, the fund has invested in 7 assets with a total asset value of approximately $119 million. We are currently under contract on three additional 2 transactions that we anticipate will be closed during January 2015 at a value of $37 million bringing the total assets purchased by ALTO Fund II to $156 million with total SF of 1.6 million. Assuming the successful closings of the January transactions, the fund will have invested in 9 assets at which point the fund will be about 70% committed of its current raise.

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