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Central Israel
Min - 4-6 months
Health, Wellness and Fitness
ADVAH Therapy & Wellness encourages collaboration and multi-disciplinary working within private practice, moving towards increased quality care and effective clinical practices. We provide a physical space as well as our extended community of support, through the therapist social club, for private mental health and wellness practitioners within the international community of Tel Aviv and surrounding areas. We are committed to developing, getting to know and making accessible wider network resources to compliment and aid professionals in their services towards their clientele. This not only includes assistance towards setting up and maintaining private practice, but also opportunities for professional development and networking through support, learning, and community events. ADVAH was developed by local therapists seeking personal growth and noting what was missing professionally in their experience of private practice, and in serving the needs of the community. Tel Aviv is an international city serving a wide variety of people and cultures. At ADVAH Therapy & Wellness, our goal is to provide the international community with mental health and wellness resources in the language they feel most comfortable. The complex relationship between the mind and the body makes it so that each facet of our mental and physical wellness affects and ripples to the next. Every person’s path towards wellness is unique, and providing a diverse selection of therapeutic services to best fit your specific and individual needs lies at the heart of what we’ve built. ADVAH Therapy & Wellness was founded by two Tel Aviv-based psychotherapists in the international community. The partnership began with a simple gesture reaching out for a friendship connection, and quickly developed into an exciting thread of conversations and daydreams about the ideals for our clinical practices and the community around us. This clinic is not just a rental space, and the Therapist Social Club is much more than just a social initiative. Rather, it’s a real-life manifestation of the dreams and hopes of two therapists eager for change and willing to cast the stone to create a ripple effect towards more effective care for mental health and wellness.

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ADVAH Therapy and Wellness
ADVAH Therapy and Wellness
ADVAH Therapy and Wellness

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