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Meet our team


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Naama Rivel
Chief of Staff (Jerusalem)
Ofer Gutman
Director of Marketing and Sales (Jerusalem)
Liran Avisar
CEO (Jerusalem)
Malki Ben-Uliel
CFO (Jerusalem)
Shalom Elcott
North American CEO (New York City)
Meara Ashtivker
North American COO (New York City)
Dr. Tal Bruck
Director of Development & Operations in Israel (Jerusalem)
Sara Eisen
Chief of Communications (Jerusalem)
Judith Werchow
Director of Education (Jerusalem)


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The Masa Israel Journey staff is committed to exceptional service in connecting young Jewish adults to immersive, transformative experiences in Israel. Meet some of our dedicated staff from around the world.
Scholarships & Grants
Assistance Website Manager
Creative Content Manager
English Speaking Program Advisor (Jerusalem)
Julia Gumina
Marketing Coordinator (Jerusalem)

Global Representatives

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Jacob Shiansky
Regional Representative (NC, SC, TX, LA, GA)
Representative (D.C., Maryland, Virginia, & Delaware)
Caroline Levine
Canada Representative
Masa Canada Representative
Amanda Monto
Regional Representative (Chicago)
Jacob Allen
Regional Representative (Detroit)