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Masa Leadership Accelerator

Masa not only brings you to Israel, it presents you with unique opportunities throughout your time here. The Leadership Accelerator is your chance to build your ability to get where you want to go, in an ever-more complex world.


Masa-GLI Leadership Accelerator



Leadership is about taking on our personal and shared challenges and moving from where we are now to places that work better for everyone. Be it a global challenge like energy scarcity, a local one like Israel’s wealth gap, or a personal one like a business idea you want to get off the ground, our leadership development work is all about helping you realize your dreams. Leadership is hard work. But its rewards are great.


Our Leadership Training

In Masa, we believe that you don't learn leadership from a text book. You learn leadership on the playing field. Our leadership training is all about practice. This means thorough and demanding exercises that prepare you for leadership in the real world - preparing you to have a clear vision, to build stronger relationships, and to make your ideas persuasive.

Our Semester-Long Program

Each year we train more than 300 Masa-participants from around the world. There are four core components to our leadership training program, which runs alongside your main Masa program (e.g. Israel Teaching Fellows):
• Leadership Tracks – specialist training experiences taking you towards leadership opportunities
• Global Leadership Summit - five-day intensive leadership training conference
• Leadership Retreat – three-day boutique leadership getaway
• Poland Program - week-long leadership development seminar in Central Europe



The core components of the program are fully-subsidized due to the generous endowments of the Wilf Family Foundation and the Genesis Philanthropy Group (except for the Poland Program, for which there is a participation fee of $650).




Upcoming Events

18 to 22 March 2018 – Global Leadership Summit Semester 2

April & May 2018 – Specialist Leadership Tracks

25 to 27 May 2018 – Leadership Retreat Semester 2



(deadline Sunday 11 February 2018)


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Ben Baginsky
Director, Masa Leadership Academy / 02 621 6468