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"The Summit helped me crystallize an intuition
I've had from community organizing: people
need to be fired up in order to want change,
because it is so tough! Having that described
and having to embody that
was really powerful to me".
Luke, Washington
Leadership & Impact Center masa

Mobilize Across Boundaries

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“The Masa Leadership Center is distinct
in that it isn’t about personal development;
its purpose is to significantly change the Jewish world.”
Professor Marty Linsky, Harvard Kennedy School
Leadership & Impact Center masa

Lead Anytime, Anywhere

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“The most powerful experience for me
was the role of the facilitators. I thought that
their dedication to helping us grow was exceptional
and really enjoyed their input.
I did not see them as authority figures
but as teachers and mentors from day one.”
Dana, Los Angeles

A one-of-a-kind Israel-based training center, The Masa Leadership Center builds the capacity of early and mid-career adults during their extensive time in Israel to seed change on the tough challenges facing Israel and Jewish communities around the world.

The Masa Leadership Center channels a fresh and diverse stream of professionals and volunteers into communal life, equipped to mobilize for change and embrace the opportunities of our time.

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