What is the Translation Mamash (מַמָּשׁ) from Hebrew to English?

“Mamash” is a Hebrew word that adds a layer of emphasis and intensity to a statement or description. It’s a versatile term used to convey a sense of concreteness, authenticity, and actuality in various contexts. At its core, “mamash” can be translated to mean “really,” “truly,” or “genuinely.” When someone uses “mamash” in a sentence, they are emphasizing the sincerity or truthfulness of what they are saying.

Examples of Mamash (מַמָּשׁ) in Hebrew

For example, if someone exclaims, “It was mamash delicious!” they are emphasizing that the food was truly and exceptionally tasty. “Mamash” can also be employed to describe a situation that is very real, tangible, or concrete. If someone says, “I saw him mamash at the store,” they are indicating that they physically and definitely encountered that person in the store. Furthermore, “mamash” is often used to convey a strong sense of certainty or affirmation. When someone says, “I’m mamash going to the party,” it signifies their firm commitment and intent to attend the event. In everyday conversation, “mamash” serves as an intensifier, adding weight and emphasis to the statement it accompanies. It’s a word that bolsters the authenticity and vividness of descriptions, making it a powerful tool for expressing genuine enthusiasm, certainty, or realism in spoken Hebrew.

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