Job Description

Investment, research and comparing companies, working on ETF (exchange-traded fund) and policy Environment Sustainable Governance (ESG).


Economics, Finance, Research background

Company Description

The responsible investment fund is the first of its kind in Israel, It is an expert in investments that create Square Value for our clients. Responsible Investments are impact investments, which integrate standard financial evaluation with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) analysis. This kind of investment creates square value: research indicates that Responsible Investment generates higher financial returns as well as enabling investors to correlate investments with values. More than 1,700 financial institutions worldwide (e.g. BlackRock, Calpers, JPMorgan) have already internalized this insight, and are embedding ESG in their investment strategies. Moreover, this realization creates an enhancing effect, because it generates more demand for responsible equity, and may increase possibilities for better returns. Value^2 Management: Our team is comprised of experts in finance and ESG with an extensive track record and years of experience
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