What is the Translation of Haval Al Hazman (חֲבָל עַל הַזְּמַן) from Hebrew to English?

“Haval Al Hazman” is a versatile Hebrew phrase that encompasses a range of connotations. Literally, it translates to “a waste of time” or “what a shame about the time,” often signifying regret or frustration when time is squandered. However, it can also carry a positive or ironic twist, indicating that something is remarkably cool or impressive.

Examples of Haval Al Hazman (חֲבָל עַל הַזְּמַן) in Hebrew

In this sense, it suggests that remarkable achievements or experiences occurred swiftly, highlighting efficiency or expressing admiration for what was accomplished in a surprisingly brief period. Thus, “Haval Al Hazman” encapsulates a spectrum of emotions related to time, encompassing everything from disappointment over missed opportunities to enthusiastic awe and appreciation for the extraordinary and cool.

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