Sara Grenga | Masa Israel

Sara Grenga
participant year: 
The Dance Journey program has been a great experience for me both on a professional and from a human standpoint. I learned so much about myself and about dance. I deeply improved my skills as a dancer and I got to know Israel, an amazing country I fell in love with so much that I did everything I could to stay here and I eventually made it. I never felt in danger here; not for a second. I've been here for more than one year now. Even my mother who came to visit realized that this is a great place to be. The image we get of this country from the media is totally different from how this place really is. I met so many incredible and great people here. Living in a kibbutz for ten months has been the greatest experience of my life. So unique, challenging and rich. We all came from all over the world and somehow I know the world better now through all the incredible people I met during the program. Everyone so different, everyone filled with his and her own beauty. And the magical thing about this program is that they didn't try to put us in a box and make us all the same. Instead, the program recognizes our differences. The teaching curriculum helped us develop our own qualities and strengths. So many things can happen in 5 months, something I wasn't aware of before doing this program. I saw people changing, and getting the best out of them, while helping us dancers deliver our inner beauty to us and to the world. A very special person in the kibbutz told me before I left that ‘the secret of this place is love.’ And this is the greatest legacy I took from my 10 months participating in KCDC’s Dance Journey program: Love for yourself, for the other people, and for the community you belong to; whichever it is. Start from yourself to build something strong and beautiful, and respect the people around you; as different from you as they may be. This is the greatest gift this program offered me. If you're thinking about attending this program to become a stronger and better dancer, or to experience something new and different, whether it is to stay here in Israel or to go somewhere else, this program will give you more than you can expect and will help you discover something within you that you're probably still not aware of. I will always be grateful to the people that founded and created this program. I wouldn't be the person and the dancer I am today without them. I feel fulfilled by the enthusiasm and the energy that this experience gave me. Sara Grenga Italy 2013