Laura Buyanovsky | Masa Israel

Laura Buyanovsky
participant year: 
I decided to come to the Sofaer IMBA program to be part of, and benefit from, an international student body, explore a dynamic curriculum, and learn in one of the most entrepreneurial and dynamic countries in the world. I feel that the program has enabled me to see the business world as an interconnecting web where the people you meet and the experiences you have play an important part of your future career.
Coming from the insurance industry and wanting a career shift to my long-time passion for real estate, the MBA provided me with the tools I needed to make this defining career move, particular in the area of entrepreneurship, a needed skill in today’s ever changing business world. Recently, I began working for a company that develops retail properties across Canada and I entered into their two-year training program where I will be able to obtain a holistic view of the key areas of real estate development.