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Masa Israel Journey offers over 200 study, internship, and volunteer opportunities all over Israel lasting between five and twelve months. Our program finder lets you search a range of dates, locations, and types of program so you can find the most relevant options for you.

  1.   צעירים יהודים בוגרי אוניברסיטאות, עם המון ידע כישורים ושפות, מגיעים לישראל להתמחות בהתנדבות למשך חמישה חודשים באחד מ-700 ארגונים ישראלים במסגרת תוכנית "מסע קריירה". תוך כדי הם חיים במרכז תל אביב, סופגים את התרבות והמנטליות ועושים לנו יחסי ציבור בחו"ל.
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Lauren Swersky always had a feeling that she would end up in Israel when it came time for the University of California, Davis junior to study abroad, though she explored all the options available....
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What is Masa Israel?

Masa Israel Journey connects Jewish young adults
(ages 18-30) to gap year, study abroad, post-college, and volunteer programs. No other organization makes it easier for young adults to have exciting, life-changing experiences in Israel.

At LaMidbar is a five-month Masa Israel program designed for 21 – 30 year olds. You are invited to join a unique desert community and undertake a personal journey of deepening your understanding of yourself and your place in the world. Guided group meetings provide a forum for raising questions, listening, and dialogue.
The two program tracks, the Farm Internship and the Art Apprenticeship, provide an arena to learn a new skill and work with the land or with natural materials, as well as serving as a basis for observation, connection and growth arising from our daily interactions with people and the environment.