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Israel’s City that Never Sleeps is a vibrant location with a fascinating culture, stunning beaches, beautiful sunsets, and a lively nightlife.ֲ Boasting hip eateries, a vibrant arts scene, and a booming nightlife, this laid-back beach town might make you feel like your interning in paradise but Tel Aviv's appeal is more than just superficial. This sophisticated, global city offers an abundance of history and culture, and is rapidly becoming a major player in the contemporary art scene. With world-class museums, theaters, galleries, and orchestras, Tel Aviv is a strong choice for culture lovers. Tel Aviv-Yafo is home to an ethnically diverse community, housing subgroups including secular and religious Jews, Arabs, foreign workers, and asylum seekers.ֲ  The city hosts many of the country most popular concerts, festivals, sports competitions, and holiday celebrations. Youl have no trouble finding fun things to do in this city, making lifelong friends from Israel and abroad along the way!

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An explanation of the new Tel Aviv model

During your 10-month Israel experience, half your time will be spent living in Tel Aviv-Yafo. You’ll be working in the southern part of the city within a lower socioeconomic school with a large migrant population. Your other five months will be spent in one of Israel’s peripheral cities including Beit Shean, Nazareth, Ramla and Rahat. The order of placement between Tel Aviv and one of the four peripheral cities is subject to the organizer’s decision only. By this dual-city track, you’ll have the opportunity to experience unique and different Israeli lifestyles, while making a huge difference in the country’s society.


Where you’ll live and work

You’ll live in either South Tel Aviv or Jaffa, the center of young life in Tel Aviv. You’ll be walking distance or a short bus ride to the BINA campus, your school, and central Tel Aviv. Around you you’ll find lots of unique cafes, markets and young artists brightening the streets. Tel Aviv is the cultural capital of Israel, with countless events, parades and parties celebrating all the wonderful people who live there.

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows operates in fifteen cities across Israel, all of which are on the socioeconomic periphery of Israeli society-each city needs your help! We offer two types of city-models for you to choose from. The first one allows you to live in one city for 10 months, where you’ll build strong connections and serve as an integral part of the community. The dual-city model allows you to experience two different Israeli lifestyles while making an impact. Five months will be spent in one of Israel’s peripheral cities, and the other five months will be spent in Tel Aviv.

Once you apply, Masa Israel will match you with one of our five fellowship organizers in Israel. Every organizer works with 1-5 cities, each of which has a unique social and community framework, but all promise the opportunity to make a difference and offer the support you’ll need to do it.

City cohorts that are operated by the same provider will often participate in training and extracurricular activities together.

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BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social Change
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