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Haifa is Israels third largest city and one of its most beautiful and multicultural. Haifa has gorgeous beaches, scenic views from Mount Carmel, and forests perfect for hiking. It is the home of the magnificent Bahai Gardens and Temple, theaters, concert halls, restaurants, and museums. Two of Israels leading universities, the University of Haifa and the Technion, are located in Haifa, giving the city a vibrant student life and lively nightlife. While living in the cultural hub of northern Israel, you will gain incredible career experience in a top organization in your field, including world class universities such as The Technion (A.K.A Israel MIT), international technology park, Matam, which is home to the R&D divisions of Apple, Google, Qualcomm, IBM & Intel and more. Stroll home from your internship on one of Haifas four amazing beaches or catch a lift on the Carmelit Subway, Israel™s only underground subway system. The people of Haifa are from diverse religions, cultures, and ethnicities. Jews and Arabs live side by side, and sites of religious worship of the main religions can be found there. Jewish life in Haifa is rich and diverse, with the active Boston-Haifa Connection spearheading creative Jewish cultural events and programs that are open and welcoming.

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Haifa’s heterogeneous population is reflected in the schools, where children from various religious, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds learn together. Many children are bi-lingual, making learning English, their third language, which they are obligated to learn not an easy task.

If you help the children learn English, you are guaranteed a rewarding experience. You will teach in small groups giving individual attention to each pupil. You will have the opportunity to personalize your teaching methods and be creative as you get to know each pupil. The chances to have a real impact are great.

Where You’ll Live

Living in the city of Haifa, you’ll be close to the beach, stores, restaurants, and an outdoor market. Rooms are doubles, and you will have a fully equipped kitchen. Public transportation is easily accessible, connecting all the neighborhoods in Haifa. A fast train links Haifa to Israel’s major cities.

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Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Haifa is organized by Israel Experience. The Israel Experience is a subsidiary and the educational arm of the Jewish Agency for Israel. The Israel Experience has committed to provide you with innovative and quality programming, and we work hard to make sure our programs are current, creative, meaningful and memorable.

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