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Are you looking to gain global professional experience while studying abroad? In the current competitive global environment, experiencing different cultures is an investment for your future. Tel Aviv University International invites you to immerse yourself in our excellent academic program while you intern in Tel Aviv all while experiencing the real Israeli lifestyle! Students will work with Lowy International School to find the right internship in their field of choice with leading organizations and companies in various fields such as: Business, High-Tech, Communications, Arts, Non-Profit, Education, Environment, and many more. Year Abroad students will participate in Fall semester studies and get acquainted with their internship during the semester. While on winter break, students will intern full time and continue their internship and academic studies when the spring semester starts. Spring Semester and Internship program students will get acquainted with their positions while studying during the spring semester and will officially be full time interns for six weeks during the summer. Fall Semester and Internship program students will begin the program with the summer internship and go on to participate as students in the Fall semester while continuing their work as interns.

Study Tracks

Tel Aviv University – Exploration, Leadership & Innovation (ELI) Gap Program

This college-preparatory program offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for rich academic immersion, leadership training and extracurricular activities in an environment centering on engagement with Jewish culture and the Startup Nation.

Program Overview:
The Exploration, Leadership, and Innovation (ELI) program is for you if you’re an outstanding high school graduate who – before embarking on your college career – would like to explore university life and enhance your academic, leadership and entrepreneurial skills in a world-class environment that nurtures understanding and connection to Jewish life and community. The program is uniquely designed to equip you with an invaluable toolbox that will serve you throughout your college years and wherever life leads.

Tel Aviv University – Study Abroad – Hebrew Ulpan

Our Hebrew language courses provide students with the essential introduction to Israel and one of the main languages spoken in the country, while using geography, environment, history and culture events to learn.

Your new skills will give you the confidence to discuss the Non-Stop City that is Tel Aviv. These courses are open to current and incoming TAU students, professionals, and new immigrants (olim).

We offer Summer Intensive Hebrew Ulpan in June and August and a Winter Intesive Hebrew Ulpan in January. These are meant for all levels (each is a 4-week course), as well as a 10-11-week course offered both in the Fall and Spring semesters. All courses provided will offer 6 credits.

Tel Aviv University – Academic Gap Year / Semester

hink of your Gap year experience as a year “on” instead of a year “off”! This one semester or one-year program will take you on a life-changing discovery that will enrich both your academic and personal life. With these additional academic credits, you can even apply for a degree program at TAU!

Tel Aviv University – Study Abroad and Law – One Year or Semester

A program designated for international law students who wish to study courses in law at Tel Aviv University.

Tel Aviv University – Voyage to Medicine

Our newly relaunched Voyage to Medicine program is for those of you looking to discover the fascinating world of pre-medicine or health sciences. At TAU, your journey of discovery starts with observing some intensive encounters in Israeli hospitals, combined with fascinating clinical research, and EMT volunteer work, together with challenging academic studies.

Tel Aviv University – Entrepreneurship and Internship Study Abroad Program

Come experience the Start-Up Nation in Tel Aviv, the capital of innovation and technology.
Meet accelerators, VC’s and start-up companies while studying at one of the top ranked universities in the world for innovation.
We offer the perfect setting for full immersion in the start-up nation. This program will provide you with real-world experience; entrepreneurial know-hows, professional guidance and hands on experience that will help you succeed.

Tel Aviv University – TAKA: Prep Program For Academic Hebrew

This intensive Hebrew program is run in collaboration with the Ministry of Absorption, the program, otherwise known as TAKA, is ideal for those who wish to improve their academic and language skills.

You’ll need a high school diploma or higher to join the program, and be looking to pursue a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, or a PhD in Hebrew at an Israeli college or university.

Tel Aviv University – Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business in Israel

This one-semester program will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to truly maximize your entrepreneurial and business potential. If you are looking to super-charge your global entrepreneurial and business career while studying abroad, look no further than TAUI.

You will take three required courses in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Finance. From there, you will need to select one elective from our list of study abroad courses. The study abroad experience also begins with a mandatory intensive Hebrew language course, called an Ulpan, which prepares students for life in Israel.

Tel Aviv University – Study Abroad and Internship – One Year or Semester

Internship and a specialized career course in
addition to the regular semester

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