Job Description

The G-Med platform reaches over 1.5 million physicians from 160+ countries in 120+ specialties. We work with the major global healthcare advertising agencies, to provide a variety of HCP advertising and HCP educational solutions to connect them to our 1.5 million physician-only platform. Your responsibilities would be to assist our head of user acquisition to recruit physicians to our platform.


bonuses; company outings; company swag; courses and trainings; discounts to local events; flexible work hours; happy Hour; mentor program; snacks


This is Israel. Degrees from fancy schools mean little. What you can contribute means everything. We will gladly accept anyone with a burning passion for UA.

Company Description

G-Med is the largest global physician-only community, reaching over 1.5 million verified physicians from more than 160 countries in 100+ specialties. Our medical crowdsourcing platform enables physicians from all over the world to talk real-world medicine, collaborate together to solve patient cases, and earn honorarium from surveys and market research. G-Med’s members connect daily with local and global KOL's, participate in online educational activities, use peer-to-peer consultations to solve clinical dilemmas and get answers from verified physicians in the relevant specialty. G-Med members use the power of the global medical community to shorten the diagnostic time and improve health care. G-Med’s business solutions offer a unique digital bridge to connect life science companies and healthcare partners in order to drive physician awareness and gain deep insights about brand perceptions. G-Med is the only true global physicians community that enables the global life science industry practical and efficient physicians engagement solutions that are community- based for their daily challenges that were not available for them before. G-Med is the first and only global physicians community to integrate a real-time live video technology to shorten diagnostic time and enhance collaboration between members. The fact is, that 80% of the clinical dilemmas presented to the community are answered in the first 48-72 hours. That proprietary, one-of-a-kind, synchronized solution is seamlessly integrated into our asynchronized community solutions and allows physicians to share a clinical case, get answers from community members and then continue to solve via live video with one or more physicians that answered their post. G-Med fits its services and site to comply with the most updated regulations, including HIPAA and GDPR.
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