Описание вакансии

Options include: business development, marketing, food technologies and data analysis


flexible work hours; relaxed dress code; snacks



Описание компании

Innovopro is the first company in the world to launch an innovative chickpea protein 70% concentrate under the brand name of CP-Pro 70®, adding value to both producers and consumers. Our ingredient has a unique combination of properties: it’s highly nutritious, functional and enables the creation of clean label products, providing the food industry with a valuable plant-based protein source. Furthermore, based on our protein, we have developed a variety of tasty clean label food applications. Innovopro was established by Dr. Ascher Shmulewitz, a physician and an engineer, who was fascinated by the idea that food could prevent and cure diseases. Wanting to promote health and wellness to his patients, he studied the chickpea, which is today considered by consumers as superfood. Our team is currently composed of core specialists with track records in biotechnology, food technology, engineering, logistics, and sales. We are passionate about chickpeas and plant-based proteins, and have extensive experience in the production and marketing of new ventures in the global food arena. Innovopro has already more than 100 customers in its pipeline, including multinational CPG’s that are interested in our solution.
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