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1. Customer Success:

— Monitor Customer Interactions: Proactively monitor and analyze customer interactions across various channels, including emails, calls, and social media, to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and promptly address any concerns or inquiries.

— Customer Engagement: Engage with customers regularly to build strong relationships, understand their needs, and provide tailored solutions, thus driving customer retention and loyalty.

— Onboarding and Training: Assist in the onboarding process for new customers, guiding them through our products/services and providing training to ensure a smooth and successful adoption.

— Churn Prevention: Implement strategies to reduce customer churn and increase customer lifetime value, identifying at-risk customers and devising proactive approaches to retain them.

2. Operations:

— Pitch Decks and Briefs: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to create compelling pitch decks, briefs, and presentations for clients and internal stakeholders, ensuring consistent branding and effective messaging.

— Operational Procedures: Streamline internal operational procedures by analyzing existing processes, identifying inefficiencies, and proposing actionable improvements for enhanced productivity.

— Data Analysis: Utilize data-driven insights to measure and evaluate the success of operational initiatives, suggesting data-based strategies for optimization.

— Documentation and Reporting: Maintain detailed documentation of processes and activities, generating regular reports on key performance indicators for management review.

— Coordination and Support: Provide operational support to various departments, assisting in the execution of projects and initiatives as required.


fitness pass/Gym; flexible work hours; happy Hour; relaxed dress code; snacks


— Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a relevant degree program (e.g., Business Administration, Marketing, Communication, or a related field).
— Native English speaker
— Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, with a keen eye for detail.
— Customer-centric mindset with a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences.
— Solid organizational skills, ability to multitask, and work in a fast-paced, start-up environment.
— Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and familiarity with project management tools is a plus.
— Experience with HubSpot or similar CRM tools is a plus.
— A collaborative team player who can also work independently when required.
— Creative thinking and problem-solving skills to devise innovative solutions.

Описание компании

At Journey, we believe that every CEO should have top-level decision-making support and tools that enable them to plan and execute ambitious growth strategies. We combined top-tier expertise, technology, and cumulative knowledge into a single CEO platform, based on a simple and affordable subscription model. These resources enable the CEO to flip their decisions from intelligent guesstimates into an exact science. The Journey Operating Platform provides CEOs with the tools and resources that power Fortune 500 companies. It is the only platform where CEOs can plan and execute the most ambitious success strategies, in a structured, systemized, and synchronized way.
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