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Position Description:

The Communications and Marketing Manager at Adar is responsible for managing all aspects of our communication across various social media platforms, as well as overseeing the marketing strategies. As our school continues to grow, this role carries significant responsibilities, with marketing and communication being crucial tools for our expansion. You will work in a playful and innovative environment, where you will also have the opportunity to interact with the youth. This position requires creativity, strategic thinking, and a strong ability to engage with our community to further enhance Adar’s presence and reputation.


Preferred Background and Qualifications:

We are seeking a candidate with a background in Communications, Marketing, or a related field, either through formal education and/or relevant experience. The ideal candidate should be creative, strategic, and innovative, with a proven ability to develop and implement effective communication and marketing strategies. A strong portfolio demonstrating previous success in similar roles would be highly desirable. We value individuals who can bring fresh ideas to the table, are comfortable working in a dynamic environment, and are passionate about making a difference in the educational sector.

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