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Aprenda sobre o novomeios de comunicação e a influência que estes têmsobre a informação, a multimídia, os consumidorese e jornalismo com uma abordagem atualizada, interdisciplinar e pratico.  Informações para contato Israel e outros países:Annette BambergerAdmissões – Administração de Empresas+972 9 9527248 | Bercholz | Admissões – Governo+972 9 9602801 | MillerAdmissões – Comunicações, Psicologia+972 9 9602841 |  

Study Tracks

Reichman University -BA Economics & Entrepreneurship with Data Science (double)

The Double Major program in Entrepreneurship and Economics with Data Science provides a multi-dimensional understanding of the global economy and the business world, while giving the students hands-on knowledge to start their own business or startup, a knowledge which is taught both by academic experts as well as industry specialists. The Data part of the degree provides the students with unique data analysis and programming skills. The graduates of this program have superb quantitative and analytical skills as well as leadership skills which allow them to excel in the private and public sector.

Reichman University-BA Business & Entrepreneurship double major

Inspired by the unprecedented success of the entrepreneurship programs at Reichman University, this new double major BA program in Business and Entrepreneurship seeks to provide students with practical tools and skills for building prototypes of innovative technological products, as well as for designing a business plan with the guidance of leading mentors from the Israeli startup community, entrepreneurs and investors.

Reichman University-BA Psychology

The BA program in Psychology at Reichman University is designed to provide students with the knowledge, tools and practical experience to enable them to fulfill their aspirations contribute to the wellbeing of individuals and society, and go on to advanced degree studies. It emphasizes both psychology as a science and psychology as a profession, while providing you with the opportunity to conduct independent psychological research and offering basic professional experience in clinical, educational, health, and business settings.

Reichman University-BA Government

Featuring a first-class team of lecturers and a range of study tracks, the B.A. program in Government at Reichman University is highly competitive. It is comprised of a core curriculum during the first and second years of study, which serve as basis for the selection of clusters in the third year of the program which allow the students to delve deep into their areas of interest. The following five clusters are offered in the program: Global Affairs and Conflict Resolution; Middle East; Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security; Public Diplomacy; and Business Administration. Selected students can participate in the prestigious Argov Fellows Program in Leadership and Diplomacy, in exchange programs with universities around the world, as well as in a host of internship opportunities offered by the School.

Reichman University-BA Business Administration and Economics double major

This double major program is geared toward outstanding students with an eye on professional leadership positions in a breadth of fields including finance and economic policy and for those seeking advanced degrees in Business Administration (MBA), law or economics. A multi-dimensional understanding of the global economy and financial marketplace provides students with the quantitative and analytical skills requisite for success in both private and public sectors.

IDC-BSc Computer science & BA Entrepreneurship double major

The double major program in Entrepreneurship and Computer Science prepares its students to successfully address the analytical and technical challenges they will face in their future workplace; for the teamwork and business environment in which they will be expected to operate; and for all the aspects of starting up new innovative businesses or new projects within organizations. The program incorporates in-depth theoretical study, current practices, and practical experience in developing an initiative.

Reichman University-BSc Computer Science

This program offers a BSc degree in Computer Science earned in just three years. The program provides a rigorous analytical foundation in mathematics, a thorough understanding of computer science and IT theory, as well as practical software development skills. Reichman University students are taught by prestigious academic faculty, leading figures in industry and guest speakers, and also have the opportunity to participate in company field trips, internships, and on-campus recruiting activities. Reichman University has access to a network of over 14,000 alumni working in key roles in top companies both in and outside of Israel.

Reichman University-BA Government and Sustainability double major

This double major BA program teaches aspects of policy and decision making that balances environmental, social and economic issues within the international arena, with a deep understanding of national security considerations along with environmental, economic and social aspects.

Reichman University-BA Communications

Want to learn about new media and the influence it has on information, communication, consumers and journalism? Reichman University’s BA in Communications focuses on issues related to new media while providing up-to-date theoretical knowledge through practical workshops and seminars guided by Israel’s leading communications professionals. You may choose from among three specializations: Marketing and political Communications, Interactive Communications, and Visual Content Studies. You will also learn to work in RU radio studio, TV studio and Newsroom. In your final year of studies you can choose a cluster in Business, Entrepreneurship or Public Policy.

Reichman University-BA Business Administration

Earn your BA in just three years while drawing on the knowledge and experience of a country with some of the world’s most entrepreneurially minded inventors and investors. Israel, a country of just 8.7 million people, produces more start-up companies than nations like China, Japan, India, Korea and the United Kingdom. The BA in Business Administration at Reichman University, with specializations in marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship, includes both classic management courses and innovative courses and workshops in topics such as entrepreneurship and marketing strategy. Its curriculum is designed to prepare you for management and professional head office positions.

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