Job Description

Finding security breaches in crypto startups
Conducting online research about security breaches
Writing reports and articles about security findings
Working remotely


Basic requirements:
Be very interested in cyber security and programming in general
proficiency in English
Love to keep on learning

Bonus points:
Know at least 1 coding language
Basic knowledge of classic cybersecurity (OWASP, issues, CTF, etc.)
Enjoy online research
Excellent writing skills in English
Understanding of blockchain technology (How it works, DeFi, Crypto, NFTs, etc.)
Know Solidity language
Understanding of Ethereum blockchain mostly (Smart contracts, gas, etc.)

Company Description

Sayfer provides custom cyber security solutions highly needed when the shelf security products fail to meet client’s special requirements Our team of experts is able to perform ad-hoc solutions suited for our client’s specific needs We have experience working with Crypto startups, large corporations and we specialize in the mobile and IoT fields All our penetration tests and security reviews designed to be SOC2 and ISO27001 compliant
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