Job Description

Specializes in research and development department – Support and assistance in the activities of the department responsible for areas such as:
Life Cycle Analysis
Carbon Footprint Calculations
Performing literature reviews
In – depth search and analysis of data
Development of plans to reset greenhouse gas emissions
Accompaniment of projects for the reduction and fixation of greenhouse gases
Environmental feasibility tests


Academic knowledge in the field of engineering is an advantage and especially a desire to promote and grow in the field of sustainability and the environment

Company Description

Our company was established to promote an overall view of sustainable construction, which enhances economic, social and environmental benefits for future improvement. KVS lead complex processes based on practical sustainable design principles and their implementation with government bodies, local authorities, the Ministry of Defense, developers, consulting firms, architects, contractors and the private sector. The company's services include the total practical areas of the world of sustainability: Environmental consulting, consulting and support for green construction, thermal consulting and energy modeling, microclimate, shading, winds (CFD) and energy efficiency.
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