Job Description

* Find and review all competing dashboards
* Preparing reports to clients, competitors analysis.
* Prepare and maintain an updated comparison platform for review


company outings; happy Hour; relaxed dress code; snacks


Students in the field of: industrial engineering, philosophy, communication or business

Company Description

Orca AI advances the maritime industry by providing intelligent navigation solutions, preventing collisions, and saving lives. We ensure safety in congested waterways and deep waters by staying committed in our vision to reduce human-caused errors through intelligent automated vessels. Orca AI is an automated situational awareness platform maximizing voyage safety and operational efficiency for smarter ships & fleets. Orca AI empowers teams on ship deck and fleet headquarters with the visibility, insights and foresights to make better, data-driven decisions. Powered by purpose-built machine learning and computer vision algorithms, Orca AI visual interfaces for captains and officers on ships, and fleet managers on shore provides prioritized alerts with actionable insights for each voyage and across fleets.
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