Job Description

We have 2 main challenges in each project we are managing in the field of sugar reduction:
1. How to reduce 30-50% of sugar in any product and meet the stay in sweetness parity.
2. What kind of bulking agents to add to the product in order to replace the reduced sugar.
For the first challenge, it is pretty easy for us, and this is exactly our IP. For the second challenge- we are still in our learning curve.
As for now, we are using many kinds of nutritional fibers, and sometimes some starches. Your mission will be the obtain a deep study of the different fibers and other bulking agents we are using in terms of:
1. What should be the beneficial effect of consuming those fibers on different populations (adults, kids).
2. What are the recommendations? RDA?
3. What is the relevant regulation- EU and US.
4. The GI effect of combing fibers and sugars.
5. Deep learning of the deferent fibers we are using, and establish a knowledge based recommendations of how to maximize the health impact of sugar reduction in any given product.
6. Explore new bulking agents (such as proteins).
7. Better understand the GI and other aspects of using starches as a bulking agent.
8. Any other matter that will be discovered during the research and would be interesting to deep dive.


English Speaker,
degree in the field
the ability to work from our HQ office..

Company Description

A sugar reduction Israeli startup (FoodTech)
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