Job Description

Multi-position at Education Startup Accelerator


Main Activities of MindCET

Startups Accelerator

Accelerator: An accelerator program for startups – a five-month program aimed at groundbreaking business startups in the field of technology and education. The participating ventures receive individual support and take part in a group process focused on educational markets around the world.

Global EdTech Startups Awards: an international competition for startups, founded by MindCET. It is an example of the productive cooperation between MindCET and a group of organizations from around the world which are at the forefront of educational innovation.

Teachers (Laboratory)

Fellows Program: An entrepreneurship program for teachers. The teachers undergo a process similar to that undergone by the startups, but adapted to the teachers’ routine, and to ventures in their earliest stages.

T.E.A.M: Innovation community, comprised of over 1200 teachers from all parts of Israel. the innovation communities participate in dialogue and learnings, and trial the ventures developing at MindCET, providing them with feedback.

Pilots: Innovative pedagogy implementation through significant pilots at schools

Research and Development (Aquarium)

MindCETeX: An R&D based entrepreneurial program for outstanding developers who are motivated and interested in the field of EdTech (technology for education and learning)

Publications: Publications and research papers on trends in the world of EdTech. Keep up to date with all that’s hot in the field.

Vision Groups: think tanks for both adults and children, and produces periodical publications that reflect what has been learned as part of the think tank process.

Company Description

MindCET, is an EdTech innovation center which brings together entrepreneurs, educators, and researchers to develop innovative ground breaking educational technology in Israel and beyond. MindCET is an independent body within the Center for Educational Technology (CET); the latter has been the market leader in Israel in technology-based educational solutions for over 40 years providing state-of-the-art educational material.
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