Job Description

We are seeking for a Junior Python Developer to shadow senior resources and write Python code which is efficient and modular. You will need the skills to write a plethora of unit tests for your code to ensure all functionality is being achieved. You will need good collaboration and communication skills as you will have a large portion of this role with senior developers and learning how they go about their job.

As a Junior Python Developer at our company, you will:
• Work with other developers.
• Implement Python code with assistance from senior developers.
• Ensure Python code when executed is efficient and well written.
• Refactor old Python code to ensure it follows modern principles.
• Provide insights from various data sources in the company such as:
o AI experiments
o Tagging data base
o Machine Learning production system performance


flexible work hours; happy Hour; relaxed dress code; snacks


Our ideal Junior Python Developer will have:
• The ability to problem-solve.
• Fundamental understanding of Python and its frameworks.
• Passion for data science
• Fast learner with an ability to adapt techniques based on requirements.
• Knowledge of how to effectively test Python code.
• Great communication and collaboration skills.

Company Description

viisights is a leading innovator of behavioral understanding systems for real-time video intelligence. The company provides AI-powered behavioral understanding systems for safe and smart cities, enterprises, campuses, banks, financial institutions, critical infrastructures, transportation hubs, and for shared and autonomous mobility. viisights’ mission is to leverage artificial intelligence technologies that facilitate human-like pattern prediction to create fully autonomous video intelligence systems. viisights harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to bring behavioral understanding to video surveillance and practically to every video stream. Its flagship product, viisights Wise, addresses a wide range of applications, including: violence and weapon recognition, context-related suspicious activity recognition, crowd behavior and social-distancing, traffic monitoring, indoor and outdoor safety (including fire and smoke detection), and resource optimization.
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