Job Description

Assist me in the management of a fast growing blog about animals, history, climate, and travel to the Polar regions of the world.

This position will start off small in terms of hours, with potential to grow. Perfect for someone currently looking for a side gig and some experience.

This will involve:

1. Helping in the weekly management of the blog, such as using SEO best practices to optimize existing content

2. Establishing partnerships with other blogs / businesses in the industry, for instance to do guest posting

3. Building out a list/network of experts on all things relating to the polar regions (Arctic and Antarctica) which we can draw on for expert insights for blog articles.

4. Helping in the production of the brand’s Youtube videos.

5. Potentially writing content, if you have relevant experience/knowledge to do so!


flexible work hours; work abroad


– Experience in the world of content/blogging/SEO is a must

– A zoology or animal science degree is a big bonus

– Experience creating YouTube content is a big bonus

– Experience using WordPress is a big bonus

Company Description

Polar Guidebook is one of the leading resources for content about the Polar regions of the world. Our website features educational content about animals, articles about the history and climate in Antarctica, and travel tips. We also have a YouTube channel which we aim to grow this year.
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