Job Description

The interns will work in the business development team under the CRO. Their roles and responsibilities will be to implement the company’s GTM strategy with a core focus on BDR/SDR tasks. They will be taught how to create outreach cadences (sequences), qualify inbound leads, research and look for potential business expansion opportunities as well as help with mining new relevant contacts.

They will be taught how to: use tech tools and platforms such as Outreach, Hubspot, and other lead generation tools, build and manage sales outbound sequences, qualify inbound leads, and work with our platform.


company outings; happy Hour; mentor program; relaxed dress code; snacks


* Ability to learn and work in an agile environment
* Excellent communication skills (writing and verbal)
* Ability to research and identify new business opportunities
* Proficient technical skills
* Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
* Preferred people with the ability to work with data (spreadsheets, sales tech tools, and chart analysis).
* Must have a BSc degree in business, marketing, communication, or likewise fields.
* Hunger and curiosity are qualities we value.
* Know to work in a team and solo.

Company Description

'with' provides a holistic solution for community-based organizations to communicate, engage with, and understand the needs and preferences of their community. We focus on those striving to serve their people and cause. We are a 3 YO startup located in the center of Tel Aviv with a professional and diverse team of talented people. The office has a young, vibrant atmosphere and everyone is an integral part of a greater mission; to promote good through business. The company is completely inclusive in every aspect and strives to make each member of the team feel belonged and respected. We offer a great learning environment as we can assure the interns will grow a lot on a professional and personal level.
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