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Rehovot, located 12 miles south of Tel Aviv, is a thriving city that is home to many international students and young people. Rehovots downtown area on tree-covered Herzel St. is home to vibrant nightlife, diverse restaurants, cafes, and an outdoor shuk (market) where you can buy delicious and fresh produce. Rehovot is safe and easily accessible by trains and buses to Tel Aviv and other central locations. At its heart, lies the Weitzman Institute for science; one of the worlds leading multidisciplinary basic research institutions in the natural and exact sciences. This makes Rehovot a home for many young students and English speaking immigrants.

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Where you’ll live

You will live in furnished apartments communally with other Masa Israel Teaching Fellows. You will share a room with 1 other person in the apartment. All of the apartments have air conditioning, heat/space heaters, Wifi Internet, a kitchen with dishes, pots, and pans and a washing machine.

Extra Perks for Masa Israel Teaching Fellows with Destination Israel

– Be part of a larger community

Destination Israel brings over 500 participants from 50+ different countries every year

– Experienced staff

Destination Israel team members have been involved with MITF since 2011

– Travel to unique places

Destination Israel takes you on trips all over the country, including Eilat!


About the Provider

Destination Israel provides you with the tools and framework needed to navigate Israel as a native. Explore the streets with ease and experience a fulfilling service in a community that truly needs your help. The schools they work with are dedicated to their volunteers and have years of experience working with together with them. As a member of Destination Israel, you will participate in weekends and seminars with upwards of 300 participants from their other programs, where you’ll make connections with peers living and working across the country.

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