About Rahat

Rahat is the first and largest Bedouin city in the world and only 30 minutes from Be’er Sheva. Founded in the late 1970s, it is populated by more than 45 Bedouin tribes from the Negev Region. Known as “the city of children” with roughly 60% of its population under the age of 18, Rahat and the surrounding Bedouin villages are going through a period of change and modernization as the new generation considers what it means to be Bedouin in the 21st century. While Rahat is a modern city boasting a Bedouin market, a bustling commercial center with restaurants and businesses, and many mosques, it still retains a uniquely Bedouin feel. Camel sightings in the city center, sheep herders and their flocks and the occasional Bedouin tent are a common sight. Just 15 minutes from Be’er Sheva, the capital of the Negev, and 45 minutes by train from Tel Aviv, Rahat is located at the beginning of the Negev Desert with stunning nature and scenery surrounding it. Rahat is a culturally unique city with a warm and inviting community famous for their hospitality.

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