About Herzeliyya

Barely 20 minutes away from Tel Aviv, Herzliya is known as the more exclusive, calm, and upscale neighbor city. Famous for its beaches and boardwalk bars and restaurants, Herzliya satisfies people’s outdoor mentality year round. With no wave breakers (like those in Tel Aviv), the city’s beaches are a surfer’s dream come true, with locations offering lessons to those who want to learn surfing or a variety of other water sports.
Apollonia Beach offers a different kind of experience – resting below Apollonia National Park, the beach is bordered by a cliff and is home to the archaeological remains of what was once a crusader city, including a fortress built in the thirteenth century. The climb up gives visitors the opportunity to see a beautiful panoramic view of Herzliya’s coast. Bars along the water are abundant, as well as nightlife and restaurants further into the city.
IDC College, built on a former air force military base, welcomes both Israeli and international students and is a haven of trees, gardens, and environmentally friendly buildings. Students are never bored in this city, with the Seven Stars Mall less than 10 minutes away and filled with stores, restaurants, a movie theater, a fitness gym, and regular festivals and food fairs throughout the year. For some extra culture, Herzliya’s Museum of Contemporary Art features traditional and modern art and is well worth a visit.

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