About Hadera

Located right in the middle of Tel Aviv and Haifa, Hadera is one of the largest cities in the Hof HaCarmel region, offering plenty of parks, unique museums, and lively restaurant scene. Hadera is home to two of Israel’s famous museums – see the transition from Israel’s farm land to the thriving city we see today at the Khan museum and discover things you never knew about the most common spices at the Salt and Pepper museum.
Not lacking in green space, the city is known for its River Park where you can enjoy a walk along the water, the Eucalyptus Route where you can enjoy the trees on a trail along the shopping mall, and HaSharon Park where you can adventure in the forest and picnic in its meadows. Head to the Hof Hadera beach on a sunny day (of which there are plenty), or make the short 40 minute trip for Tel Aviv’s larger beaches and nightlife.

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