About Ari’el

Ariel is known as an ancient city with biblical and spiritual roots. As the capital of Samaria, Ariel is home to the 3,000 year old ruins of an ancient Jewish city, stalactite caves, Eshel Hashomron Hotel – the only hotel in Samaria, and the famous tombs of biblical figures. Aside from its rich history, Ariel is a university city known for its diversity: Jews, Arabs, secular, observant, recent immigrants, and born-and-raised Israelis. Ariel also brings Israelis and Palestinians together to work side by side at the Ariel Industrial Park and at the many sports centers and fields that make up much of the city’s culture.
A little over half an hour away from Tel Aviv, Ariel offers attractions within its city limits as well as past them – take the time to explore Israel from this biblical city.

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