Job Description

With the goal of convert an academic program on global mobility to AI web based, GMStudies is looking for an intern who can convert a face-to-face curriculum on Global Mmobility (GM) into an online program with the help of AI tools. Using AI, GMStudies should be able to convert the frontal program to an online program that will also includes videos and dubbing.


company swag; flexible work hours; relaxed dress code; snacks


Basic/advanced knowledge of AI technology and its use.
Working with ChatGPT
Ability to write and analyze text

Company Description

Together with the best experts on global mobility, Global Mobility Studies (GMS) operates a non-profit research institute that offers comprehensive services for global mobility. We provide services to our clients spanning universities, employers, authorities and international organizations. We offer graduate study programs, customized HR training, essay writing, lectures on global mobility, conducting research and surveys. In addition, we guide study groups and academic courses on related topics. In line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 8, we provide sustainable, profitable and compatible tools and methodologies. GMS emphasizes the vital importance of global mobility and addresses its accompanying challenges. Join us to navigate the world of global mobility effectively
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