Job Description

The intern will be involved in most of the everyday assignments of the gallery: from researching artists, to cataloging items, photographing exhibits, attending the gallery’s exhibitions, and might also take part in sales.


an interest in Art.

Company Description

Like the fact that we are based in Tel Aviv but consider ourselves global designers. (We like to be inspired by what's going on around the world, and work with diverse clients from east and west, and everywhere in between. Check out our clients) Or that we offer multidisciplinary visual communications services, including branding, complete graphic design solutions (print, digital, environmental design). Most of these are conducted by our in-house team, and we bring in additional professionals when we need (we have some amazing programmers, strategists, copywriters, and other creative people that we know, trust and love to work with). Our team is comprised of talented graphic designers, who communicate closely with each other, and with their clients while defining the creative path. This helps them deliver the magic throughout the process (In our world, collaboration is key.) No client is too small. Or too big. Or too medium sized. We work with everyone, from micro- businesses, small companies, medium sized start-ups, and all the way to large global enterprises. We make sure to be attentive and available to them all. And finally, our beginning. We were founded in 2012 by Ilan Potash and Amir Kreichman, who met while they were visual communications students at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.
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