Welcome Masa Israel Teaching Fellows!

As a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow, you are joining an amazing community of the hundreds of teaching fellows who came before you, who were just as excited and maybe a little nervous as you are right now. They all left their mark, and we can’t wait to see the footprint you’ll leave. Even when your program journey ends, remember you’re still part of this giant family. Your ideas, your work, they’ll keep echoing around here long after you’ve moved on. In fact, they’re what make us who we are. So, no pressure, but we’re totally excited to see what you’ll add to this wild, wonderful legacy we’ve got going. Welcome to the world of MITF!

Introducing your MITF Virtual Guide

You’re about to embark on an incredible journey, and to help you make the most of it, we’ve prepared something special: the Guide to your MITF Journey. Now while you’ll get the written packet in your email… we wanted to gift you a virtual guide as well!

This is a gold mine of insights from fellows who’ve walked the walk, alumni who’ve rocked their experiences, and the super clued-in MITF staff. It’s designed to give you a clear idea of what you’re stepping into, the opportunities you’ll have, and how to use them to fuel your growth. It’s the ultimate backstage pass to everything this program offers. So, before you step foot in Israel, learn from those with first hand experience! Trust us, it’s worth it.

Shay - MITF City Coordinator

I sincerely hope you understand – and this comes straight from my heart – how significant your roles as teaching fellows are. I’m confident that you will come to see the profound impact each of you makes, both within your groups and within your schools. Please know that to your students, you are far more than just English teachers. You offer your students the unique opportunity to engage with someone from a different culture, fostering connections that often transcend the boundaries of language. You become significant figures in their academic year. Your dedication and impact fill us with immense pride.

Jake - MITF Fellow

We knew we were taking a leap into the unknown. But what we might have not known is how quickly the unknown would turn into friends, Shabbat dinners, sunsets over the Mediterranean, countless cups of Nescafe in the חדר מורים , English Days, Shabbatons, candy from the Shuk andmost importantly – community.

See what you can do during your 10 months!

We look forward to having you join us in Israel soon – be sure to check out and follow our Instagram page to hear from fellows and get a sneak peak into your 10 months!
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