Turn your compassion into action with Masa. Choose your volunteer initiative and be part of Israel’s story of resilience.

⏱️ Duration: 6 weeks 

📍  Locations: Choose from volunteering in Tel Aviv, Be’er Sheva, Haifa, Jerusalem, or Eilat

✈️ Cohort Start Dates: Choose from a variety of cohorts starting between May – October 2024

Eligibility: Individuals between 18-40, basic knowledge of English, valid passport, and identify as Jewish. NEW: Masa alumni now eligible!

*Masa Volunteers does not affect future Masa participation; grant for a future program will be modified accordingly

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volunteer in israel

Six Weeks of Impact

Choose Your Volunteering

- 2-3x a week in your city's community
- Placed in the initiative of your choosing

Uplifting High-Risk Communities

Group volunteering 1-2x a week working with high risk communities such as displaced families, mentoring displaced children, agricultural support to communities in the Gaza envelope, and more.

Leadership Certification

Attend workshops created in partnership with local leaders and initiatives. Fellows will receive a Certification in Leadership upon completion of the program.

About the Cities

What's Included?

When volunteering in Israel with Masa, you'll engage in community service, cultural immersion, and impactful social initiatives, ensuring a meaningful experience.
  • Housing with building safe room
  • Insurance
  • 24-hour staff and safety & security updates
  • Educational & Social Events
  • Meals on volunteering days outside your base city
  • Volunteering 4-5 times a week
  • Transportation to volunteering outside of Tel Aviv, bus pass for volunteering inside Tel Aviv
  • Leadership certification

Application Process

1) Choose Your Program

Fill out the form above with your information and volunteer preferences

2) Interview

Schedule your interview, a crucial step in understanding your passion and commitment.

3) Confirmation

Upon approval, receive your confirmation from the program.

4) Payment

$350 USD program cost to the organizer

5) Register to Masa

Apply for the Masa Grant; pay a $50 USD refundable Masa registration fee and complete the application process here.

6) Choose Your Flight

Pack your bags, book your flight, and we'll see you soon in Israel!
*Flight ticket to and from Israel are not included
*You can enjoy a 15% discount on round-trip EL AL flights to and from Israel - This voucher is valid only for direct EL AL flights from the EU (excluding Moscow, Russia) or the USA

Please Note

Volunteer placement based on your preferences will be matched to the best of the program’s ability. All program aspects are subject to the regulation of Masa’s Chief of Security and Safety, Amir Keinan.

Join Us, Spread the Light:

Together, let’s illuminate hope, create connections, and make a lasting impact. Your role is pivotal, and your contribution will be a guiding light during these challenging times.

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