Joining a Masa program offers most fellows the opportunity for the first time to be a few hours of distance away from most European capital cities, which is the perfect opportunity to explore more than just Israel. With Israel’s strategic location and well-connected airports, your Masa experience can serve as a basis for discovering a mixed range of European destinations from Israel. The following are a few European cities that you can easily visit from Israel

8 Cities in Europe to Visit While Living in Israel

1. Athens, Greece:

With a short hour-and-a-half flight from Ben-Gurion International Airport, you can find yourself in Athens, the birthplace of democracy. Immerse yourself in the city’s history and enjoy the mouthwatering flavors of Greek cuisine while absorbing the unique atmosphere of this ancient city. You can also jump on a ferry and continue to Greece’s many islands.

Foodie tips: Try the hearty and refreshing Dakos salad and cool down (if you’re visiting during the warmer months) with frozen yogurt drenched in honey and lots of fruit.

travel from israel to greece

2. Prague, Czech Republic:

Uncover a city rich in history and culture. Wander around the charming old city and explore its beautiful architecture and dynamic arts scene, all while experiencing the former Jewish community. Don’t forget to walk up to the castle, either!

Foodie tips: Buy Kolonada’s Oplatky, which is a very thin wafer dessert. The vanilla is the tastiest!

3. Barcelona, Spain:

A longer journey but well worth it, will land you in Barcelona, where you can admire the architectural marvels of Gaudi, relish in the city’s vibrant street life, and even catch a football match at Camp Nou. 

tel aviv to barcelona

Foodie tips: Churros are not drenched in cinnamon and sugar as they are in America or Mexico. Rather, they are plain, and you dip them in a chocolate sauce – so yummy!

4. Rome, Italy:

There is nothing like Rome or Italy for that matter.  My tip is to explore and walk as much as you’re feet will allow you. All of Rome is historic, so just take it all in, immerse yourself in the iconic sites, savor authentic Italian dishes, and explore local food and design markets for unique finds.

travel from israel to italy

Foodie tips: Try everything! Also, venture out from just eating pizza and pasta – Italian cuisine has so much more to offer. Each region in Italy has its own food specialties, so be prepared to eat a lot!

5. Berlin, Germany:

Berlin is such an interesting city. Immerse yourself in the history, exploring the remnants of the Berlin Wall and the former East and West neighborhoods. Immersing yourself in the city’s dynamic arts and crazy nightlife.

tel aviv to berlin

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Uncover Amsterdam’s cultural gems, from the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum to the Anne Frank House. Enjoy leisurely walks, go to Vondel Park and explore the area around there too, walk along the enchanting canals and experience the city’s renowned café culture.

Foodie tips: Amsterdam has a great cultural food scene, but try at least one authentic Dutch restaurant – they are tasty with a cozy ambiance!

7. Paris, France:

Paris is another impressive European city where the list of things to do is endless. Try to go to as many museums as possible, Sip wine in charming cafés, explore iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, and get yourself a croissant and sit in the park. You can also go to Versailles for the day or join a tour of the many different wine regions in the area.

8. Budapest, Hungary:

Budapest was once called the Paris of Eastern Europe with its grand boulevards and famous cafe scenes. Explore this vibrant city filled with great restaurants and bars. Also, make sure to check out the Buda Castle and learn about Hungar’s history. Cruise along the Danube River and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the old Jewish district.

budapest to tel aviv

Foodie tips: Goulash (gulyas) is not a stew but a soup. Hungary has excellent confectionaries full of cakes and delicious cookies, and get yourself a “paprikas” chicken or beef stew with noodles (nokedli) and a cucumber salad with sour cream. 

Consider budget-friendly airlines like Wizz Air, EasyJet, RyanAir, and Arkia when planning your European explorations. Take advantage of these airlines’ affordable options to maximize your adventure.

Your Masa program in Israel serves as a gateway not only to exploring Israel and living it like a local but also to experience the extraordinary opportunity to travel and explore the amazing diversity of European capitals. Have fun!

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