Tiberias, located on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, was initially named after the second emperor of the Roman Empire. Today, Tiberias is one of Judaism’s four holy cities and is home to many historical sights. With ancient graves, hot springs, and even a water park, Tiberias has it all! Masa has compiled a list of the top places you should definitely check out when visiting Tiberias! 

Our Favorite Things To Do in Tiberias

Tiberias Hamat National Park

With its calm, ancient, spiritual, and historic atmosphere, Tiberias Hamat National Park offers something for everyone. You can start the day relaxing in one of the seventeen mineral hot springs and then make your way to the ancient bathing facilities to see the remains of baths from the Roman period. Afterwards, you can stroll through Severus’ synagogue from the Mishnaic and Talmudic period and see beautiful ancient mosaics with meaningful Greek and Jewish symbols. To finish off the day, you should definitely check out the Turkish Hamam, which now serves as a museum portraying the customs of the bathers from when the Hamam was in use. 

Hamat National Park Information:

  • Eli’ezer Kaplan Blvd 1, Tiberias
  • Opening hours: Sat – Thu: 8am – 5pm; Fri: 8am – 4pm

Gai Beach Water Park

Gai Beach and Water Park located on the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee is packed with swimming pools, an amazing water park with a variety of attractions and activities, lawns, a private beach and even a spa. With the wave pool, challenging water slides, and activities for children, you are sure to have a fun day by the beach!

Gai Beach Water Park Address:

  • Eli’ezer Kaplan Blvd, Tiberias

Kever Rambam (Maimonides’ Grave)

rambam grave

Rabbeinu Moshe Ben Maimon (Maimonidies) was a medieval Spanish, Sephardic Jewish philosopher, and one of the most prolific and influential Torah scholars of the Middle Ages. It is believed that he was initially buried in Fustat, Egypt in 1204 when he passed away but was later reinterred in central Tiberias. Today, Rambam’s tomb is one of the most important Jewish pilgrimage sites, and one of Tiberias’s most visited tourist attractions. Rambam’s grave is also the burial place of Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakai and Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz (the Shelah HaKadosh).

Kever Rambam Information:

  • Ben Zakai Street 
  • Open 24 hours (daily)

Kever (Grave) of Rabbi Meir

 Rabbi Meir Baal HaNes was a Jewish sage who lived in the time of the Mishnaic Period. He was considered one of the greatest of the Tannaim of the fourth generation and is the third most frequently mentioned sage in the Mishnah. Rabbi Meir was known as the miracle maker, so today, many visit his grave and pray for their own miracles.

Rabbi Meir Kever Information:

  • Address: 90 Rd, Tiberias, Israel
  • Opening hours: Sun – Thu: 6am – 10pm; Fri: 6am – 4pm (closed on Sat)

HaTchelet Beach

With the option to swim in the beautifully clear water, relax and read on one of the many green lawns, water ski, or even banana boat, HaTchelet Beach has it all! The beach also offers disabled access and has two lifeguards for all hours of the day.

Hatchelet Beach Information

  • Gdud Barak St 17, Tiberias, Israel
  • 9am – 5pm (May – Oct)

Switzerland Forest

Switzerland Forest is situated on the steep slope descending from the Pariah Heights to Tiberias and contains many paths, observation points, and scenic lookouts throughout the forest. The forest was sponsored by a family in Switzerland and constructed with the help of KKL-JNF. The Switzerland Forest is complete with a 6K path with lookout points, a footpath, a campsite, and a bicycle path. With its breathtaking views, the Switzerland Forest is the perfect place for a picnic, hike, bike ride, or even just to sit and relax. 

Dona Gracia Hotel and Museum

Dona Gracia fled the inquisition in Portugal and eventually settled in Constantinople. By her thirties she grew to be a significant merchant and was promoted by the Turkish Sultan to work for the establishment of a Jewish state in Tiberius area. She built the walls of Tiberius and is known for her generosity in helping fellow Jews escape Spain and rebuild their lives. The Dona Gracia hotel has been renovated to tell her story, as well as the story of the Jews who fled Spain during that period, and is furnished in accordance to 16th Century style. The hotel is also a museum with organized tours on Shabbat and holidays and daily tours that can be booked through the hotel.

Dona Gracia Hotel and Museum Address: 

  • Haprahim 3 Street

Yigal Allon Promenade

The Yigal Allon Promenade in Tiberias is a great place to walk by the water, allowing you to take in the view and eat at one of the many restaurants. Due to its close proximity to the small Marina, there are many local fresh fish restaurants. Make sure to come during the evening because sunset is beautiful by the Promenade! Also, during tourist season, many stalls filled with unique craft items and souvenirs line the streets.

Recap of Things to do in Tiberias

With its historical sites, beautiful views, and fun activities, there are so many things to do in Tiberias! We hope you enjoy your day in Tiberias and make sure to tag @masaIsrael when you post your adventures!

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