Staci Shub | Masa Israel

Staci Shub
participant year: 
Fall 2011
After finishing my Bachelor of Science in Geology with a focus in Volcanology at Oregon State University I decided to come on Real Life Israel. It sounded like an amazing opportunity, especially after having a great experience on my birthright trip last march.
After completing the acceptance process I was told that I would be interning at the Israeli Geological Survey. This was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which I couldn’t miss out on. So far it is great. The survey is a quick walk from our apartments and I was given my own office as well as access to any labs I might need on the premises. I am working on two separate research projects, one of which is studying ancient volcanoes in the Golan Heights and the second is doing research of volcanic events in the Jordan Valley. Everyone working there is incredibly nice and has not given up on trying to teach me scientific terms in Hebrew.
Our Ulpan was something I really enjoyed. Our teacher was very kind, knowledgeable, and knew how to teach to all learning styles. I knew how to read before coming to Israel but I feel I learned a significant amount.
I love being in Israel. I have great roommates and have met a bunch of new friends. Between singing, dancing, day trips in the surrounding areas, overnight trips up north and to the Negev, cooking, and touring, there isn’t much left out. We also saw Idan Raichel in concert and got to hook up with some programs like ours where we met people from all over the world. I enjoy every moment of being here. This program has already changed my life; I might be getting a grant to complete one of my projects which means the IGS would help me get a Masters Degree.
So far so good, and it only gets better!
Come on Real Life Israel. You will never regret it!