Shmuel Willner | Masa Israel

Shmuel Willner
For me to plant myself for academic studies and internship in the Arava desert region in southern Israel, it all boils down to three of my great passions; economics and business, environmentalism and Zionism. I have an open-mind the desire to learn and gain as much experience as possible, in order to be equipped with the tools to cope with crucial environmental issues that are shared by many countries.  I am enthusiastic, ambitious, innovative, and want to create new approaches to environmental (especially economics) problem solving. 
Personally, what makes the Arava Institute very special are the people it hosts, the students and staff who have the most colourful backgrounds, each and everyone having diverse experiences of life.  It offers a perfect opportunity to research and study the current issues in the fields of the environment, politics and diplomacy.  
Most of all, offers me an opportunity to gain perspective and understanding, while creating networks and friendships. Where else can Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian, US and other international students live and study environmental studies together in the Middle East?