Sabrina Souss | Masa Israel

Sabrina Souss
participant year: 
I have been studying in Israel for more than six months, an International MBA at Tel Aviv University. I come to Israel with my boyfriend, who is also pursuing his Masters studies in the same university, in Environmental Studies. Thanks to Masa, I was  able to combine my professional development with a whole life experience in Israel, exactly what I was looking for. By searching the different options and possibilities that Masa offers to those who want to have an enrichment experience in Israel, I saw that the International MBA at TAU is actually a program recognized by Masa.
Without doubt, living and studying in Israel is an extraordinary experience, and hence, I quickly started the application process in order to be able to come. Once in Israel, everybody received us very well; our family here and Israelis in general. Our biggest challenge at the beginning was to find a suitable place to live, which is a hard task in Tel Aviv, but is part of the experience! Once established in Tel Aviv, we started to enjoy of this unique city; going out, shopping at Shuk HaCarmel, enjoying the hundreds of bars and coffee shops and of course, enjoying the beach. We also use the study breaks to travel around the country, there is plenty to see and we discover new amazing places every time that we travel through the country. 
In the university, we met many other students that are also in international programs. We constantly have activities from the university and from Masa that helped us to engage better with Israeli society and to meet new, interesting people. Studying at TAU is highly gratifying - the dynamics, the people, the professors; overall, there is a world of opportunities in front of you and you feel that everything can be achieved. The last March, I traveled with a group of students from the University to the Hult Prize 2013 competition in San Francisco. Is the biggest student competition nowadays, where universities from all around the world participate; the aim is to propose a business solution that would help to mitigate a pressing social problem.  Being here in Israel allowed me not only to compete, to work on the project and meet students and professionals, but also allowed me to travel to the US and present the idea in front of people from all around the world. Certainly, it was a unique experience!
Being in Israel, things happen every day! You learn new things constantly, you meet new people, see new places, and you live unique and funny situations almost every day. We still have a few months of study ahead, and I am sure that we still have a lot of thing to live, enjoy and experience. Even though the experience is still ongoing, I am confident that there are not so many places you can combine professional and personal growth like in Israel, that’s why I am very happy and thankful for having the chance to be here.