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roberto mosqueda
participant year: 
I just left Israel and arrived México; and I can’t believe that it just happened. My mind sometimes tries to trick me, and I discover myself thinking that I'll go back to the kibbutz in any moment; or that I will wake up again in my room, with Jill. Even, every time I picture the kibbutz in my head, the image is so clear, that I could just dive in it. It happens because this place turned out to be home. I don’t have many more words, just to say you that these ten months in Israel were amazing, but specially this last five with you, changed my life. This experience touched something very deep inside me, and I’m happy that leaving was so hard, because it means that what we have is amazingly special. Thank you for all your support, for lifting my spirit in the moments I needed so, and for, directly or indirectly, just helping me to be better, as a dancer, as a performer, as a person. I’m taking each one of you in my heart. Toda raba hamudim, we will meet soon! Roberto Mosqueda- México