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Michael Rosenbaum
participant year: 
After staffing a Birthright trip after college, I realized that I wanted to return to Israel in order to deepen my connection to Israel and gain work experience. Israel, a leader in scientific innovation, turned out to be the best place to do this. On Career Israel, I was able to take part in a cutting edge research project at Tel Aviv University and stay up-to-date in the field while applying for a Masters degree in science high school education. 
Months after Career Israel's completion, I am still in regular contact with Dr. Livshits as we continue to collaborate through writing a scientific paper detailing our research. Shortly after the article is published in the scientific journal, Annals of Human Biology, I will have my teaching certification, allowing me to teach the subject I am most passionate about. 
Not only did Career Israel inspire me to stay connected to the Jewish community, but it has also helped me further my professional goals.