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Maksim Berenshteyn
participant year: 
A few peculiar things that appeared as the result of my studies on the New Media program:
I understood that the Internet space is inseparably connected with the physical reality. The Internet is a projection of the physical world but in a more compact manner, faster.
To me as a lawyer it was interesting to explore the connection between the Internet and Jurisprudence, when it’s unclear how to evaluate the behavior of the participants of social networks from the law viewpoint.
What does the Internet allow, what does it create? The emergence of new forms of cooperation among people, between organizations and people etc. This question demands pondering, the internet is a mirror of what is happening in the society.
When I arrived at the program, I didn’t realize all that. I had a general awareness of what the Internet space is but the thing I’m talking about now were given by the program.
I would advise the program to everyone who is interested to learn of the world around us. What world and what Jewish world surrounds us. I advise to go places and communicate with people more. It would give more of what Israel is than a lecture about Israeli society which tells that it’s plural, eastern etc. You need just to visit the local market once and see for yourself.
And don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid to go to Israel. Israel has taught me to do what I like to do and try things.