Josh Zuckerman | Masa Israel

Josh Zuckerman
participant year: 
LIFE is an opportunity that should not be passed up. If your thinking of working in social services, non-profits or just seeking adventure LIFE will not disappoint you.  The program so far has been very education on so many different levels. I have learned priceless information about social justice, tikkun olam, varied Jewish topics, environment, water allocation, human rights, community organizing, social entrepreneurship, business management and the best part is were not even half-way through the trip.  
While I was never skeptical about joining LIFE, I couldn’t help wonder whether the program's advertisement was exaggerated. It wasn’t. If anything it barley describes how amazing a leadership development program it truly is. The one thing that never crossed my mind before joining LIFE was what the other people who would join LIFE would be like. To my delight, every member on the LIFE program is like minded, open to creative thought and rarely holds a grudge.  I couldn't imagine LIFE without the current participants today, they truly add so much character to the trip.  
The staff of LIFE is a rock-star team from around the globe and I would promise to anyone that they would not be disappointed with the LIFE experience. I would recommend LIFE to open minded, hard working and thoughtful individuals with any background. It doesn't matter what you studied or where you have worked, LIFE encompasses a holistic vision through which everyone can contribute to and grow in the development of social justice and Tikkun Olam.