Caroline Kallman | Masa Israel

Caroline Kallman
participant year: 
I have had a lot of time for personal reflection since I've been here in Kiryat Shmona. I've realized there are many areas of myself that need improvement.
However, one characteristic I have come to find I like is my honesty. So, I am going to be honest with you. I believe in the past three months Israel has given more to me than I have to it. I was asked week one why I was here, and I said to make a difference in someone's life. Not to mention for motivation, clarity, inspiration....but I didn't tell them all that right off the bat. 
Where I've seen the difference though is in MY life.  I have been so inspired by the community through conversations with complete strangers, the people I work with, and the Israeli's in our group. I find the people here to be positive, modest, kind, willing, the list goes on. Do I sound like a groupie yet? The way they look at life is how I want to see it. It would be so easy to take the cynical route for some, but I haven't encountered anyone who has. It makes me want to adopt this level of appreciation for life, and take it home with me. 
The people I've worked with believe in positive change, and work towards it each and everyday. It is not just a fleeting concept for them. I personally think being spiritual has something to do with it. When you believe in something, anything really, it's what keeps you focused on your goals. It is that something that gives you strength. Something I didn't know I wanted in my life until I came here. 
This new perspective has been a wake up call for me, and is really an inspiration to lead a different lifestyle when I get back home. It's the people in Kiryat Shmona who have helped me envision the person I want to be.