Brian Levenson | Masa Israel

Brian Levenson
participant year: 
This is my first time being abroad for more than two weeks and I’m having a life-changing experience.  As a teacher in an Israeli public school, I’ve had the opportunity to positively impact my students’ education. In addition to the excellent training I received during my first month in Israel, I have been encouraged to use creative teaching modalities. Best of all, I’ve enjoyed getting to know my students. Talking to them always puts a smile on my face.
My neighbors in Rehovot come from all over the world—Russia, Ethiopia, Yemen, Europe, the US, and South America—and each one of them has a unique story about their journey to Israel.  They are all extremely welcoming, inviting me to spend the holidays with them only after a few minutes of talking.  I’ve taken a few of them up on the offer, and home-cooked family meals have been unforgettable.