Brett Goldman | Masa Israel

Brett Goldman
participant year: 
I first traveled to the IDC in 2008 after staffing a Birthright trip and I remembered leaving the campus for the first time and having this feeling that this beautiful city, this university, and above all this program were a perfect fit for me. And back then, I didn’t even know about all the networking opportunities that you get at the IDC or the amazing schwarma place in the center of Herzliya, near where I lived.
I studied with people from all over the world while at the IDC. My closest friends came from England, Scotland, Germany, India, the US, you name it. We even studied alongside diplomats from the Nigerian embassy. Talk about getting a global perspective on things—these guys weren’t just learning about diplomacy, they were practicing it and by the time we finished our program they were our friends like anyone else. Where else would I ever have the opportunity to meet people like this from all over the world?